Daniel Keren (Danny Keren)

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Department of Computer Science
Haifa University
Haifa 31905 Israel
Office:   (972) 4-824-9730,    Fax:     (972) 4-824-9331
E-mail:  dkeren (AT SIGN HERE) cs.haifa.ac.il

Recent Publications: KDD 2017,   DEBS 2017,   IPDPS 2017,   KDD 2016,  PAMI 2016,  VLDB 2015,  KDD 2015,  ICML 2015

Main areas of interest

  • Analyzing and monitoring large data streams, especially in a distributed setting.
    Since 2004, I am extensively cooperating with Assaf Schuster's group on these topics.

  • Data classification, learning over big data, Bayesian analysis, and regularization.
    Main collaborators on these topics: my former Ph.D student: Rita Osadchy
    and my Ph.D advisor Michael Werman.
  • All Publications

    And a little physics (in which I have a passionate but amateurish interest)

  • My slides on quantum mechanics (pdf, 276 pages), comments welcome.
  • A paper on applying path integral methods for probabilistic analysis
        of pattern matching.
  • A paper in "Journal of Physics A" on the uncertainty in regularized solutions.
  • A paper on approximating the harmonic oscillator path integral.

  • Calculus I ("hedva aleph")
  • Image processing course