We give the executable for Linux Ubuntu+code-examples. Sources and Makefiles are also avilable by email to yosi@cs.haifa.ac.il. Since this is an extension of Michael E. Wolf's Tiny system that was availale on the WEB few years ago it is unclear what are the legal permissions available. The source code contains some copyrights restrictions but they all allow using the software.

The HTINY system (Haifa's Tiny) is an extension of Wolf's Auto parallelizing system. The main goal was to transform it to a full source-level HLS compiler that targets both regular CPUs and synthesized circuits. By a source-level compiler we mean a compiler that does not starts by applying code-generation and whose intermediate representation is the abstract-syntax-tree (AST) rather than RTL instructions. We belive that source-level compilation is the key technology to obtain better compilers that can be used to explore different tradeoffs involved with code/circuit generation. The current system contains the following parts added to the original Tiny:

HTINY accepts inputs in a Fortran style but can be applied to C-code using a conversion tool. Pointers are not supported and function calls are supported by the loop transformations part but not by the two synthesis parts.. Htiny contains a back-end to x86 machine code.

Some screen-shots of the current system with Xilinx's ISE synthesis tool: