Yuri Rabinovich



Mailing address

          Department of Computer Science
          University of Haifa
          31905 Haifa, Israel


          +972-4-824 9902






Research interests                    

My general interests lie in various aspects of  Discrete Math and Algorithms. 

I am particularly interested in the theory of Finite Metric Spaces, as well as

in the Approximation Algorithms.                                                                                                                                      


Selected Publications

·         On Multiplicative Approximations and Some Geometric Applications , with Ilan Newman,   Arxiv,  SODA 2012

·         Local versus Global Properties of Metric Spaces, with Sanjeev Arora, Laszlo Lovasz, Ilan Newman, Yuval Rabani, Santosh Vempala SODA 2006,  SICOMP

·         Embedding k-Outerplanar Graphs into L1, with Chandra Chekuri, Anupam Gupta, Ilan Newman, Alistair Sinclair, SODA 2003.

·         A Lower Bound on the Distortion of Embedding Planar Metrics into Euclidean Space, with Ilan Newman,  in J. DCG

·         Cuts, Trees and L1-Embeddings of Graphs,  with Anupam Gupta, Ilan Newman,  Alistair Sinclair, FOCS99, journal version (Combinatorica)



Special Events