Yosi Ben Asher


I am an academic researcher giving consulting services to the Industry in the area of compiler construction And high level synthesis to Verilog including:

  • Developing new optimizations for existing compilers.
  • Adapting known optimizations to specific hardware/CPU features.
  • Porting existing compilers to specific CPU architectures.
  • Guiding teams, short courses, development programs.
  • Special emphasis on DSP, loop transformations, prefetching, list-scheduling, modulo scheduling and predication.
  • Hardware compilation and high-level synthesis (to VERILOG level only).
  • Scheduling techniques: VLIW, Superscalar, list scheduling, modulo scheduling and global scheduling (both for hardware and CPUs)
  • Memory optimizations.
  • Knowledge in OS and CPU architectures.
  • Experience: Starcore Company (2 years) consulting.
  • Current research systems: A compiler from high-level languages to VERILOG, Source level modulo scheduling, ParC a compiler for shared memory parallel dialect of C, a GCC extension to VLIW scheduling and the DOL compiler of loops to boolean circuits.
  • Work format: one day a week, or a half year sabbatical.
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