The 7th conference on Formal Grammar

to be held jointly with the


Trento, Italy, 3-4 August 2002


FGTrento is the 7th conference on Formal Grammar held in conjunction with the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, which takes place in 2002 in Trento. Previous meetings were held in Barcelona (1995), Prague (1996), Aix-en-Provence (1997), Saarbruecken (1998), Utrecht (1999) and Helsinki (2001).

Aims and Scope

FGTrento provides a forum for the presentation of new and original research on formal grammar, with particular regard to the application of formal methods to natural language analysis.
Themes of interest include, but are not limited to,

Previous conferences in this series have welcomed papers from a wide variety of frameworks.

Round-table Panel: Formal Grammar and the Curriculum

The conference will feature a panel on "Formal Grammar and the Curriculum". Courses focussing on Formal Grammar (introductory / advanced) are being offered at several universities and appropriate educational material has been developed over the last few years. The aim of this panel is to stimulate discussion and exchange of ideas on the following topics (among others):

The panel should create the basis for the development of an archive of educational material related to FG such as course notes, assignments, software and demos.

We solicit poster presentations which will create the basis for the panel discussion. Submissions should be 1 page long and do not have to be anonymous. Accepted abstracts will be included in a special section of the Proceedings.

CologNet-ELSNET Symposium

The 2002 Formal Grammar conference will also host a Symposium Session, co-sponsored by the Networks of Excellence in Computational Logic (CologNet) and Human Language Technologies (ELSNET). This is the first of three symposia devoted to the exploration of the common ground between the Logic and NLP Area of CologNet and the ELSNET agenda. The theme of the first installment is "Combining logical and data-oriented approaches in NLP". The symposium program will feature invited talks by leading researchers in the area as well as a number of contributed talks.


A tentative program is now available on-line. You can also download the full proceedings. The FG and the Curriculum presentations are available on-line: moortgatslides.pdf, vermaatslides.pdf, kruijff.pdf, simaan.pdf, mootslides.pdf.

Registration and local arrangements

The conference will take place at the Conference Room at the Faculty of Economics in Via Inama, 5. For directions, see http://www.esslli2002.it/aboutschool.htm.

We ask all participants to pre-register on-line before 15 July, 2002. Registration fee is EURO 50 (before July 15th), EURO 60 (on site). Registration fees include the right to participate in the conference, one copy of the Proceedings, coffee breaks and -- for participants in ESSLLI'2002 who stay at the ESSLLI arranged accommodation -- also two additional free nights (Friday and Saturday, August 2-4). All local arrangements, and in particular accommodation, are facilitated through ESSLLI.

For information on Trento: http://www.esslli2002.it/trento.htm

For accomodation opportunities, please contact:
Barbara Luise
TM Hotels
Via Alfieri 4,
38100 Trento, Italy
telephone / fax: 0039-0461-235646

Accepted papers

Werner Frey and Hans-Martin Gaertner
On the Treatment of Scrambling and Adjunction in Minimalist Grammars
Frank Richter and Manfred Sailer
Collocations and the Representation of Polarity
Mark-Jan Nederhof and Giorgio Satta
IDL-Expressions: A Compact Representation for Finite Languages in Generation Systems
Jean-Cédric Chappelier, Martin Rajman and Antoine Rozenknop
Polynomial Tree Substitution Grammars: Characterization and New Examples
Stephan Kepser, Uwe Mönnich and Frank Morawietz
Model Checking Secondary Relations
Glyn Morrill
Towards generalised discontinuity
Stefan Müller
Multiple Frontings in German
Anna Lifshits-Zamansky, Nissim Francez and Yoad Winter
Order-Based Inference using the Lambek Calculus
Howard Gregory
Relevance logic and natural language semantics
Alain Lecomte and Christian Retoré
Bi-grammars: a logical system for syntax, semantics and their correspondence
Agnes Bende-Farkas (alternate)
The Semantics of Complex Predicate Formation: A Case Study on an Aspectual Prefix

Instructions for authors

The contributions for the proceedings should be set in 11pt Times font on a4 paper, and they should not exceed 12 pages including figures and references. Authors using LaTeX should follow the typesetting instructions from the file sample.ps. Authors who feel unable to use LaTeX should get in contact with Gerhard Jäger (jaeger@ling.uni-potsdam.de) directly. Please send your contribution (as source files and in postscript) to Gerhard Jäger until July 10, 2002. The proceedings will be made available electronically as soon as possible, and copies will be distributed during the conference. Please direct further questions concerning the proceedings to Gerhard Jäger.

Files: fgtrento.cls, fgtrento.bst, sample.tex, sample.ps

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