Current Students

Ph.D. students

Nadav Rotem - Optimizing higlevel synthesis of memory references.

Jawad Haj-Yihia - Compilation that minimizes Power events

Vladislav Tartakovsky - Synthesis of circuits with Ballistic Deflection Transistors


Irina Lipov (Scheduling+Place_and_Route Techniques),
Yousef Shajrawi(Dynamic Optimizations),
Yaacov Gendel (Synthesis of 1K-core shared memory chip),
Gil Rappaport (Vectorization engine for C programs),
Dror Tiv (The Other CPU an architecture for veryvery large instructions),
Cfir Auguston (Using code-skeletons to guid parallelization and vectorization of C programs),

Past students

Gady Haber: Parallel Evaluation of Sequential Code, Ph.D, approved in 2003.
Eitan Farchi: Testing games, Ph.D, approved in 1998.
Sharoni Feldman: Study of Metrical Routing in Ad Hoc Networks, thesis approved in 2007.
Esti Stain: Compiling arithmetic computations to the Reconfigurable Mesh, Ph.D, approved in 2009.
Dimitry Podvolny: Y-invalidate: a New Protocol for Implementing Weak Consistency in DSM Systems, M.Sc, theses approved in 2003.
Gabriel Mizrahi: The hashing approach to the Internet File System problem, M.Sc, approved in 2002.
Dimitry Giver: HparC: Programming Parallel Applications Over the Internet, M.Sc, approved in 2002.
Vitaly Grachenko: Parallel systems in a network of workstations, M.Sc, approved in 1999.
Esti Stain: Sequential transformation of parallel programs, M.Sc, approved in 1997.
Adnan Agbaria (With I. Newman): Parallel algorithms with limmited shared memory, M.Sc, approved in 1997.
Shlomo Berkovsky: peer2peer systems M.Sc, thesis submitted.
Yaniv Eitany: software testing (joint with E. Farchi) M.Sc 2006,
Danny Meisler: Source level modulo scheduling M.Sc,2006,
Moshe Yuda: Source Level Merging of independent programs M.Sc, 2007.
Eddie Shochat: Finding the Best Compromise in Compiling Compound Loops to Verilog, M.Sc, 2008.
Jawad Haj-Yihia: Source level Unrolling of Loops Containing Pointers and Array References, M.Sc, 2008.
Nadav Rotem: Synthesis of pipelined multiplications, M.Sc,thesis approved in 2009.
Mohsen Abu Salah: Auctions by Price and Distance on Cellular Phones, M.Sc,thesis submitted in 2008,
Yehuda Ezra (Ed-Hoc cellular communication M.Sc) in 2011,
Tomer Gal (Java optimizations) in 2010,
Ron Meldiner (highlevel synthesis with unpredictable memory latencies M.Sc in 2009),
Gil Kulish (Combining cache aware scheduling and lazy-threading in 2010),