Israeli Seminar on Computational Linguistics 2004

ISCOL 2004

ISCOL'04, the Israeli Seminar on Computational Linguistics, will take place at Bar Ilan University on Monday, December 27, 2004, 10:00-17:30. This year, we will honor Prof. Yaacov Choueka upon his retirement. The seminar will include invited talks by Prof. Dan Roth (UIUC) and Prof. Yaacov Choueka (Bar-Ilan), presentations of recent products of the Knowledge Center for Processing Hebrew, and scientific presentations of language processing research in Israel.


(See list of abstracts)

Gathering and refreshments

Hspell - the Free Hebrew Spell-Checker and Morphological Analyzer
Dan Kenigsberg and Nadav Har'El
Master-Slave Dependency Model and its Application to Hebrew Understanding
Yan Tsitrin
Knowledge Center for Processing Hebrew: Product Presentations

Lunch (cold dairy buffet)

Summarizing Jewish Law Articles Using Genetic Algorithms
Yaakov HaCohen-Kerner
Reader-based Exploration of Lexical Cohesion
Beata Klebanov
Invited Talk: Learning and Inference with Structured Representations
Dan Roth, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Coffee break

Scaling Web Based Acquisition of Entailment Relations
Idan Szpektor, Hristo Tanev, Ido Dagan and Bonaventura Coppola
Feature Generation for Text Categorization Using Hierarchical Web Knowledge Bases
Evgeniy Gabrilovich and Shaul Markovitch
Honorary talk: NLP: Challenges, Problems, and Achievements; a Sober Personal Perspective
Prof. Yaacov Choueka, Bar Ilan University

Registration (free)

ISCOL'04 participants should register by sending an email to Sylvie Baruch, at Please use "ISCOL registration" as the message subject and write clearly in the message body your full name and affiliation, as you would like them to appear on the name tag. Your email should arrive by Tuesday, 21.12.04, at 12:00.

Location and directions

The seminar will be held at the Beck Hall, building 410. See the map for directions (you can press the "Event Halls" tab and click "Beck 410" in the legend to get it highlighted). The entrance to the hall is between buildings 410 and 405, at the lower level under the bridge, in front of the Pyramid cafeteria.

Parking is outside the campus. When coming from the Bar Ilan interchange on Geha Highway (Highway 4) turn left at the traffic light and then keep going straight after passing the Bar Ilan main gate. The first parking lot will soon be on your left, from which there is a pedestrian gate that is quite close to the Beck Hall. If this lot is full the next parking lot is further down the road, on the right. If you have special parking needs please indicate in the registration email that you need a guest parking permit, which is closer to the hall.


For any questions please contact:
Seminar admin: Sylvie Baruch,
Seminar organizer: Ido Dagan,

ISCOL'04 is organized by the Department of Computer Science and the Institute for Information Retrieval and Computational Linguistics at Bar Ilan, and is supported by the Knowledge Center for Processing Hebrew and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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