FG/MoL05 Preliminary Abstract and Housing Request

Due to the difficulty of reserving housing in Edinburgh in August, we will need to make a firm commitment for the number of rooms by early February. Consequently, we are asking those who intend to submit papers to the conference to submit a preliminary abstract by January 31st, with the full paper being due by April 1st. We also need requests for housing from those who will be attending but not presenting a paper by the January 31st.

Preliminary Abstract

Preliminary abstracts should be in plain ASCII text, no more than 1000 words, but should be detailed enough to give a clear sense of the significance of the work that is being discussed. These can be submitted either by file upload, by cut-and-paste, or by direct entry in the form using this form.

Request for Housing

We will be reserving a block of rooms in Edinburgh student accommodations on Arthur's Seat for the nights of 4--7/August with estimated cost of about GBP 40 per night (singles only). We can only guarantee accommodations for those who have requested them by January 31st.

Requests from those submitting papers can be made on the abstract submittal form. These may be (but do not have to be) contingent on acceptance of their paper. If they are not contingent on acceptance, you must also submit a separate housing request.

Non-contingent requests and requests for accommodations for those not presenting papers are binding and must be accompanied by a 30% deposit.

Housing requests can be submitted using this form.
Please note: If you are submitting an abstract and are requesting housing that is not contingent on acceptance, you must fill out this request.

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