Instructions for the pbcc (picoblaze compiler) installation and running:

1) You should have cygwin installed because the compilation of sources should be on cygwin (cygwin == emulator/virtual machine of linux on windows) It can be downloaded from

2) Here is the link of the working 8-bit C->Picoblaze compiler: Please download the latest Source code from there (not the binary! )

3) There is a PBCC User Manual in the link, however it has some errors, so this is what should be done: a) In cygwin: go to sdcc3 directory of pbcc sources b) Follow the compilation instructions on page 8 of the manual: (PBCC compilation from source code).

Note: Probably you'll get errors about non-existing cygwin packages, such as "autoconf" or "bison" or "flex" or even "gcc" etc. - please download these packages from 4) In order to run a test (i.e. compile a test c program into psm format): a) Go to ..../sdcc3/tests/mpblaze (under your cygwin) b) Pick a test there (like test10.c) and run the following command in cygwin: ../../bin/sdcc.exe -c -I../device/include/pblaze -mpblaze your_test_name.c You will get an error but check for the newly-created your_test_name.psm: probably the error can be disregarded.