This project was completed in the University of Haifa in 2012 under the guidance of Hananel Hazan

Project Presentation


What This Is

This was our University project. We had to upgrade a basic Hebrew OCR program. This program was written in C#.

What This Does

This Program can recognize Hebrew and English characters, both typed and handwritten. It can learn the fonts from your computer or you can teach it your own Handwriting. It can read most image formats as well as PDFs.


  • Hebrew and English OCR.
  • Can recognize handwritten and typed text.
  • Can learn any font in your computer.
  • Automatically detects the font the text is written in.
  • Can learn individual handwriting. The more you use it the better it gets.
  • Has various image filters for improving the quality of the text image.
  • Is capable of best aligning the handwritten text for optimal recognition.
  • Can update font information from servers.
  • Can spell-check and correct the results.

Who We Are

Alex Hefetz

Vadim Maizlin