Practical Parallel Programming 203.4180 (Yosi Ben Asher)

Grade is computed based (usually) on a sequence of four presentations or a final project (in pairs/tripple).

A possibility for an intermediate test that accounts for 15% of the final grade

Sometimes full presence required, missing few lessons (less than half) implies some (upto 15%) reduction in the final grade (more than a half you miss the course)

Material (need password) By downloading you agree not to distribute this material in any manner, to anyone else, apart for personal use for the course:

There is an account (ppp) on the I7 in the lab for the course (usual password) just make a sub-directory with your name.

For the project use -O3 when you compile code with GCC+OpenMP

For the project Each experiment must be repeated so that power managment will not turn off the cores

  • syllabus
  • a simple ParC program with time measurments
  • Project Description
  • ParC zip for Linux instlation
  • ParC instlation instructions
  • Direction to OpenMP benchmarks
  • Intel non-commercial tools for Linux
  • VTune for i7 presentation
  • How do I measure memory bandwidth on i7
  • source for OPENMP programs

  • 2012 assignment #4