Computer Science Colloquium, 2006-2007

Yuval  Shavitt
November 29th, 2006

DIMES, a distributed Internet measurement infrastructure: rational, architecture, and results

Due to the Internet structure and routing the only way to map its topology is by having measurement presence in almost every corner of the
Internet.  Managing thousands of measurement boxes is impractical, thus, we suggest instead a light-weight software measurement agent to be
downloaded by volunteers around the world.  The DIMES agent can be executed on every PC (and in the future even smaller devices, like PDAs)
and enables us to map the Internet and track its evolution in time in  several levels of granularity from the fine router level to the coarse
Autonomous System (AS) level.  Currently, DIMES has over 11,000 installations in 90 nations around the world, which produce over 5
million measurements a day.

Benny Pinkas