Computer Science Colloquium, 2004-2005

Roger Schank, Socratic Arts and Carnegie Mellon University
June 1st, 2005

Figuring out good stuff to do with a computer if you care about AI or education

What is worth doing on a computer if you have a hankering to think about the mind? AI has become a bit moribund in recent years. It seems that all the exciting AI work is a thing of the past. But, obviously not much had been done, so the future could be fun if we know what questions to ask. What is worth building? What can be built? Who needs AI? Who needs smart computers? Are these the same questions? If a computer provides a useful service that was formerly seen as only possible to do using human resources, does that mean that the computer is smart? Does it matter? Can cognitive science help? What would it help us do that we couldnt do before?

Shuly Wintner
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