Computer Science Colloquium, 2004-2005

Boaz Ben-Moshe
Department of Computer Science, Ben Gurion University
October 20th, 2004

LSRT: wireless networks; from practice to theory and back

In this talk I present some recent results in the areas of Computational Geometry -- Facility Location Optimization both theoretical and practical.

I first discuss the motivation for such research, and give a brief introduction to the specific field of locating Large Scale Rural Telephone networks (LSRT). This type of network usually has special properties such as: fixed wireless clients, wireless (microwave) back-bone, VoIP.

Next I survey results on several sub problems including: terrain simplification and visibility approximation (in the context of facility location).

Then, a set of theoretical problems related to visibility graphs will be presented, followed by new `art gallery' and hardness results.

Finally I elaborate on the `real life' facility location problems raised from the process of locating wireless networks. (In the past 3 years I was member of the LSRT consortium, during which time we have developed an expert system (prototype) for LSRT networks optimal layout design). At the very last part of the talk a set of open questions (both theoretical and practical) will be presented.

Key works: Computational Geometry, Facility Location Optimization, Frequency allocation, Terrain Simplification, Visibility Graphs, Art Gallery problems.

Parts of the talk are based on a joint work with Matya Katz and S.B.J. Mitchell.

This talk requires No previous knowledge in Computational Geometry or Radio Frequency.

Shuly Wintner
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